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ABOUT MEI'm a Finnish female with a passion to fanfiction, especially slash :) I do read and write het as well, but slash is my first love. I'm also a mother of two little girls who are my precious gems :) Fanfiction is not my only passion however, there is so much in the world I enjoy. There's not enough space to tell about them all though ;) I'm very open-minded and love to dicuss and debate. So don't be intimidated, I'm not all about fanfiction even if it might seem so. All in all, I'm just a fangirl who loves her fandoms so much that she just has to go and try write about them, even if it's not that good.
MY FANDOMS Harry Potter ~ Doctor Who ~ Skyfall ~ The Hobbit ~ The Avengers ~ Star Trek AOS ~ Lord of the Rings ~ Merlin ~ Sherlock ~ The Dresden Files ~ Grey's Anatomy
PAIRINGSSeverus/Sirius ~ Severus/Remus ~ Severus/Sirius/Remus ~ Severus/Hermione ~ The Doctor/Rose ~ The Doctor/Jack/Rose ~ James Bond/Q ~ Bilbo/Thorin ~ Thorin/Dwalin ~ Bilbo/Thorin/Dwalin ~ Steve/Tony ~ Loki/Thor ~ Loki/Tony ~ Kirk/Khan ~ Kirk/McCoy ~ Kirk/McCoy/Khan ~ Khan/McCoy ~ Legolas/Gimli ~ Legolas/Aragorn ~ Merlin/Arthur ~ John/Sherlock ~ Greg/Mycroft ~ John/Sherlock/Greg ~ Harry/Thomas ~ Cristina/Owen

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